Sunday, June 5, 2011

Botany Pots - Proposal for Changchun Ceramics Symposium 2011

Concept pots for 2011 Changchun Ceramics Symposium:Proposal 1

The theme behind these pots is "My Botany Diary". I would collect flora and fauna from Changchun and imprint them onto the surface of the pots to record the journey of my discovery of Jilin Province, China.

Below are examples of what the pots would look like. These are pictures of unfinished pots - not yet glazed or fired. All pots are 500mm high x 300mm diameter.

I would like to fire to stoneware temperatures using slips and celadon glaze to decorate the surface. I would also like to experiment with a larger pot of about 800mm high x 400mm.

Pot 1

Pot 2
Pot 3

Pot 4

3 Pots Together

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